Common Customer Questions

Pittsburgh Limo Buses Common Customer Questions

Where are we able to go to when we use your service?

You can go wherever you want, that's the beauty of it! No matter what destination you have in mind, we'll be glad to take you there.

Can we drink on your vehicles?

You can certainly drink on the vehicles if you're 21 or older. There are even in-vehicle bars for your drinking conveniences.

How about smoking?

We don't allow for smoking on our vehicles under any circumstance, but we'll be glad to make a stop for your smoke break.

What do people use your vehicles for?

Our vehicles have been used for every event imaginable, and then some! However, our customers love to use our limousines and limo buses for bachelor and bachelorette celebrations, weddings, corporate events, sporting games, concerts, museum tours, tours of the city, and much more.

Can we play our own music?

Yes, of course! All of our stereo systems have CD/iPod/MP3 capabilities. Therefore, you can dance your heart out to all of your favorite music.

Do your vehicles come with restrooms?

Unfortunately, none of our vehicles have restrooms. However, we'll be glad to make a comfort stop for you whenever you need to.